My car was submerged due to a typhoon in Japan


Let’s deal with typhoon damage by insurance claim

In 2019, typhoons continued to hit the country, as in the previous year. Typhoon damage is covered by car insurance in Japan, so if a typhoon damage occurs, insurance companies and automobile repair shops will be busy. We would like to have the repair done as soon as possible if there is water damage, but there are many cases in which it is difficult to repair immediately because the repair shop is crowded.

What should I do if my car is damaged by a typhoon? Here, we explain the specific procedure and the reason. Let’s understand beforehand in case of an emergency.

What kind of damage do you have due to a typhoon?

The fear of a typhoon is flood damage caused by intense wind and rain. Check what kind of damage there is, when it was damaged, and what to do about it.

A car is submerged by a typhoon
Since a car is an iron, it cannot be skipped in rare cases, but it will be inoperable due to flooding in a river. Basically, a submerged car cannot be repaired. is.
Also, Don’t run the engine if the car is submerged. If you move the engine while it is submerged and contains water, the water hammer phenomenon will occur and the engine will break in one shot. Even if the car is submerged , it is not possible to move by yourself. Let’s call the wrecker service immediately and bring it to the factory.

If the car is submerged in water, there will be a total loss (the entire insurance amount will be paid). Le’ts make an insurance claim.

A typhoon flew away and the car was damaged
Trash cans, galvanized iron roofs, roof tiles, billboards, falling objects from the upper floors of the condominium ocuer the heavey damage  if they hit the body, but there is a high possibility that the car will be damaged during the typhoon.

Car underlay due to landslide due to typhoon
People who live in the Kanto plain area or central Tokyo don’t consider, but Japan is a mountain country. There are many people who live on the mountain area, on the hillside, and below the mountain

You can request insurance for landslides and landslides caused by typhoons. When a landslide occurs, most of the houses are also affected by the disaster at the same time, so it is necessary to apply for fire insurance.

Is car insurance money paid for the typhoon?

We understand that various damages can be caused by a typhoon. In case of damage, it can be resolved by insurance. We pay high automobile insurance premiums every month and every year, so let’s use insurance in case of emergency.

Both general vehicle insurance and economy type vehicle insurance are available. However, if you make an insurance claim, the discount class for the next year will drop, so it is necessary to consider whether to repair with insurance. It is an important point here whether to repair with insurance.

You can use insurance, but there is a penalty for those who use it in Japan. That is the reduction of the discount class. Previously, using a typhoon with insurance did not bring down the grade, but now it is different. Considering the fairness among policyholders, the number of people who used it is down one grade.

The cost of repairing a car needs nearly 200,000 yen even with a little sheet metal painting. One option is to raise the grade without repairing even a slight scratch. Looking at the discount example presented by the Japan Property and Casualty Insurance Association below, the use of insurance shows that the discount rate will deteriorate by about 20% in the following year as compared to the case without insurance. In addition to the insurance premium for the following year, if the contract has a deductible amount (self-pay amount), the deductible amount will be borne. It usually costs 50,000 yen or 100,000 yen.

If the deductible amount is 50,000 yen and the insurance premium increase for the next year is 25,000 yen, you will have to pay 75,000 yen in total. If the bonnet or body is a little scratched, it won’t hinder driving, so it’s possible that you won’t fix it.

If it is 10th grade, 47% discount will be given to 11th grade next year, but 22% discount will be given to 9th grade with accident.

25% of the difference is the cost of using insurance. If the basic insurance premium is 100,000 yen, you will have to pay 25,000 yen.

Typhoons are irresistible force. No liability for damages is inurred.

People cannot resist with A typhoon. If the roof of the next house falls and the car crushes, can I charge the neighbor’s landlord? Do you need to compensate if the roof of your home falls and damages the car of your neighbor’s home?

I think there are various cases, but basically we are not responsible for compensation due to typhoons. The basis of the law for claiming damages to the other party is Civil Code Article 709 tort liability, but as a condition, there must be intentional or negligence. We will not be liable unless you intentionally break the roof and drop it on the car of the next house. (The author has never seen a case in which a reimbursement was made due to a typhoon.)

However, there is room for individual judgment. The roof of the house is fluffy even in the breeze, and no measures are taken despite the typhoon. As a result, the wind in the residential area was so hard to reach even in spring, but only the house had its roof dropped. In such cases, some liability may be granted. However, when you become a victim, it is very difficult to prove (certify) the victim and to approve the request.

In reality, it is true that neighbors are annoying, so even if insurance is not covered, human relations will be awkward if you do not compensate the neighbors at your own expense. Law is important for living in Japan, but socializing with the neighborhood is very important.Car repair costs will be expensive, so I would like you to remedy such cases with insurance, but since there is a concern of moral risk (insurance claim with collusion with neighbors), as an insurance company please draw a line and refuse. I have no choice.

Prior knowledge to avoid flood damage


If a car is submerged, it will be irreparable in most cases. In other words, it is replacement by purchase. If you have car insurance, you will be reimbursed by insurance, but if you do not have car insurance, you will be responsible for all expenses. Replacing a car involves a large amount of expense, so it is important to have prior knowledge that does not suit water damage.

If it is a normal car, it will be out if it floods above the floor. If you go to that height, there is a possibility that the intake system of the engine has been damaged, so the engine may also break. It is also out above the muffler. In some cases(especially when backing in a car), you may not notice it and break into a deep puddle, so be careful.

When it comes to water damage, there is an image that roads and parking lots will be flooded by typhoons and guerrilla rain, but in recent years there have been cases of accidents in rivers that can be reached by car due to a camping boom. Be aware that cars have an electrical system and are not compatible with water basically.

It is important for people who are going to buy a house to find out in advance whether the land has been flooded. When you buy a house, you tend to look at the building, but the value of a detached house is the land in Japan. In principle, the valuation of a house will be 0 yen in 20 years. It is also important to check the hazard map of the area you plan to purchase and to find an area that is not likely to be affected by water damage. It’s a small thing, but ,It is also possible to save insurance premiums by uncovering flood damage.

Quotes and submerged illustrations are from HONDA website. It is a favorite  car manufacturer from the CITY era.I love Honda.